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BeagleBone AI puts devs in the machine learning fast lane

• https://newatlas.com by Paul Ridden

At this stage, the non-profit BeagleBoard Foundation – which is perhaps best known for its more capable alternatives to the Raspberry Pi – isn't giving too much away. The AI board is a kind of smaller X-15, but with a few sacrifices made to keep the price down.

The BeagleBone AI is built around a Texas Instruments AM5729, supported by 1 GB of RAM – that's half the system memory of the X-15 – and 16 GB of onboard eMMC flash storage.

This is a board created for artificial intelligence projects, so as well as treating the new board to four programmable real-time units, the Foundation has also included four embedded vision-engines, a TI C66x digital signal processor, and has pre-installed machine learning tools.