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A Strategic Trade-Up

• Lew Rockwell blog
Condoleezza Rice was asked if the war in Iraq was worth it? 
"[Iraq] becoming for instance the fourth-largest purchaser of American military equipment in the Middle East. That’s called a strategic trade-up."

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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Annonymous75, with this eye-opener, I can hear the head of a hammer hitting the head of the nail!

If I may, add, the enemy of the war in Iraq is not only blind – the enemy deliberately closed one eye and opened the other so that it has a reason to see only half of the truth about the war in Iraq. Because of this, the enemy has even the gall to say that the war in Iraq was "illegal". There is no such thing as "illegal war" in whatever book you read.

Illegal is unlawful or unconstitutional, meaning a war without the approval of Congress. But record shows that the invasion of Iraq was approved by the U.S. Congress. The closed eye was the radical eye that refused to see the truth. The opened eye saw this truth, but argues that since the other eye didn’t see the truth as I do, I only saw half of the truth!

The enemy and zombie followers think they can outsmart everybody … oh, oh, no, noooo not me. As far as I am concerned, they only outsmarted themselves.

Comment by Anonymous75
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To Condoleezza Rice whom Romney should have chosen as his running mate for the expected hands-down defeat of Obama in this coming 2012 election: Ms. Rice, give them rice as food for their starving brain.

The radical Lew Rockwell blog that needs your rice [your intelligence] is no-good to US [also sometimes written as U.S.] and this anti-Government writer Laurence Vance is either abiotic upstairs or his IQ is below 50.

Had US not invaded Iraq, and Saddam Hussein not hanged and still alive today, he would have turned the United States into a battle ground for Islamic Jihad. Our intelligence blueprint for discovering this grandiose plan of establishing an Islamic Empire based on the Middle East and spreading down to the Western Hemisphere has been archived. When this was declassified some ten years ago, this discovery had become almost like an open book. Chroniclers of events would have noticed this without any difficulty at all. But mentally blind, Vance and LRC could not see what lies beyond their nose.

Together with more than 400,000 Iraqis the Dictator killed and buried under the ground in shallow graves, those LRC nincompoops would have been fertilizers by now for Saddam Hussein’s tomatoes he is growing in his Hanging Garden of Babylon. That those freaks are still alive today, they owe it to the invasion of Iraq.

In sum, for the war in Iraq, the best strategic trade-off therefore beyond commerce that Condoleezza Rice mentioned, are saving the lives of those who are now anti-Government ingrates. We paid a high casualty in the war in Iraq, so that here at home we can save the miserable lives of those who have no feeling of gratitude, from being overrun by a horde of Islam’s Jihadists [terrorists], the enemy’s dreaded killing machine.

You see, as a result of the Iraq invasion which liberated Iraq from Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship, we are fighting Islamic Jihad in the Middle East, right there in their own soil – not anymore here in the United States, which explains why those loose freaks can now continue to discredit, defame and attack the home country for their sheer enjoyment …in fact just for their pastime.

Comment by James17
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From other sources the US death toll is a lot higher. You only get counted as KIA and forgot about if you happen to live to make it to a hospital and die there. Then there are the suicides that happen with those vets returning to the states that are not counted as part of the deaths from the conflict. 100,000 Iraqis dead. Other sources put that number at over 1,500,000 killed with millions more dying from the actions of the war mostly children. The true numbers are out there but the American public is never given this true accounting because they would be in a big uproar just like during the Vietnam era. Wouldn't that be something.

Comment by PureTrust
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From Lew Rockwell: "No Ms. Rice, it's actually called 4,400 U.S. soldiers dying in vain and for a lie."