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'We all believed we may lose her': Madonna's family have 'come together' after 64-year-old was rushed to intensive care with bacterial infection and say they worry she 'will put her career and her fame before her health until the day she is dead'

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Yes, we are at that point in the identity politics/DEI cycle where companies - in addition to CEOs, COOs, CIOs, and so on - now have Chief Diversity Officers; and no, that paragon of youthful grooming, Disney, no longer has one.

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For most of the last 45 years -- apart from a brief appearance at a costume party at which it was ripped and had food, wine and blood spilled on it -- Princess Leia's white dress from the final scene of "Star Wars" was lying crunched up in a

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Midnight's Edge -

In the four years, Kathleen Kennedy drove away half the Star Wars audience. Marvel Studios drove away half their audience from the MCU in three years. Anheuser-Busch however, did the same for Bud Light overnight! All it took was the idealism of VP Al