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These dark facts about "Looney Tunes" will ruin your childhood, but it's not like these cartoons were made just for kids. Our countdown includes original Tweety, Porky's stutter, Speedy Gonzales controversy, and more! What's YOUR favorite "Looney Tun

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On screen, she was America's sweetheart. But off it, Lucille Ball was a violent monster and her husband a philandering alcoholic. As a new film tells their story, TOM LEONARD looks back on her turbulent life

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Truth Stream Media - Aaron and Melissa Dykes

Yes, I went there. Let's be honest about what's really being portrayed in this film. Because, in short, this movie is why we can't have nice things. Maybe it was a triple dog dare or maybe it's just the end of the dumpster fire nightmare of 2020, but