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'It didn't kill them': Barbra Streisand sparks outrage for saying Michael Jackson's accusers were 'THRILLED to be there', his 'sexual needs were his sexual needs' and for suggesting their parents are to blame

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EXCLUSIVE: Inside the newest VIP sex club in Hollywood where A-listers fulfill their kinky fantasies as women in red harnesses kiss, masked figures are walked by a leash and by night's end there are 'orgies everywhere'

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Designed to Usher In a "Peacekeeping" Coup Against Trump...Before this article gets started publishing new information regarding the Smollett attempted false flag designed to start race riots, I have a couple of announcements that will set the st

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for propagating a LIE?...Natural News) It's becoming clearer by the day -- nay, by the hour, practically -- that "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett very likely fabricated an attack on himself by supporters of POTUS Donald Trump. Now, let's see

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Out By The Gag...Even though Sunday, Jan. 6 is already deep into flu season, that didn't stop the 2019 Golden Globes from giving out flu shots -- or did they? Hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg introduced the gag during the show and it's not currently