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...Stimulus Bill Demand. As a reminder, two days ago Trump made it clear that the White House is now willing to settle at the $1.5 trillion package which was introduced by the Problem Solver caucas, urging Senate republicans to raise their $500BN ski

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Update 1015AM EST: And the hits just keep on coming. Just two hours after Nikola issued a brief press release dismissing the fraud allegations from Hindenburg Research, another notable short seller, Citron Research, joined the crusade against Nikola,

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We've just come out of a summer period where nothing seemed to matter with markets relentlessly accelerating high to suddenly everything mattering as we just saw the most aggressive correction off of all time highs in the Nasdaq since the 2000 bubb

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A few days ago, we shared an anecdote from hedge fund legend Stanley Druckenmiller - a former George Soros analyst and iconic macro investor - who recounted a painful, nearly career-destroying experience where he ignored the warnings of his gut and j