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In a major blow to the unelected administrative state, the Supreme Court has overruled the Chevron doctrine, which required courts to defer to the legal interpretations of unelected bureaucrats.

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The Gateway Pundit

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there today. Hope you have a wonderful day as you deserve. Thank you for the important work you do.

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A free, post-scarcity world will not be prevented by archaic systems scratching and clawing to retain their domination. We will evolve freely, unburdened by an unfortunate past. This will happen, and today I'm going to tell you why.

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CHILLS: Christian singer flashmob reminds shoppers the real reason for Christmas in the middle of a Walmart in Kansas City-- How everyone reacted to pure magic. This is revival

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Its underpinnings are believed to be principles of cooperation that were pivotal in the development of human communication and social reciprocity, and the ability to experience gratitude to others is a fundamental feature of human cognition.1

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

Why is being thankful so important? Why is it important to remain optimistic despite the dark clouds of tyranny? Why is it counterproductive to think that "everything is going according to plan" for the authoritarians, when it obviously isn't? We hop