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The story of religious trends in America has been one of increasing disaffiliation among younger generations. But a new study reveals an unexpected resurgence of faith among youngsters in a post-Covid era.

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There is absolutely no denying that the people who initially brought Western Civilization to the North American continent were almost exclusively strong adherents of Christian societies who were motivated by the love of God and the desire for religio

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Everything we do changes the world, of course, and I remain a strong advocate for kindness. Nonetheless, we need to face the fact that the children's book version of "be kind and change the world" hasn't worked. Wars and crime proceed as they

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New people come to this channel and think that I will just depress you with facts about this world that you may not want to hear. But this channel is actually not about that. Yes, I state the facts surrounding our world and it can get people depresse

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From the Tom Woods Letter: Virtually anyone who's followed the Covid fiasco knows the name Dr. Peter McCullough, a highly renowned cardiologist who's among the most widely published medical researchers in the world.