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Justice and Judges

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In summary, these people never work, they are never there, they are closed whenever you need them, they never call back, they lose paperwork, and no one knows what they are doing. If a small business got reviews like this, they would be out of busine

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The Clarion-Ledger

Harris said Kelly is a senior assistant public defender who is a zealot for her clients and has a high percentage of winning cases. Harris said in court papers that Weill presented no specific misconduct.

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Simple Justice

Judges are precluded from informing juries about the sentences the law requires when they are deciding guilt. If they realized how absurdly draconian the penalties for a guilty verdict would be, it might well push them to acquit

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Brown and Little Law

If you read it carefully, the recent opinion from the Arizona Court of Appeals in State v. Woods can tell you a lot about how criminal appeals work in Arizona. In it, the trial court judge did something very unusual and suppressed