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Ron Paul Liberty Report

The mayor of Canada's Capital, Ottawa, has declared a state of emergency over the "Freedom Convoy" that has protested for ten days against Covid mandates. He has instructed his police to arrest anyone bringing fuel or any other kind of assistance to

Article Image, by Tyler Durden

Just as we anticipated, it looks like a crypto-based crowd-funding platform Tallycoin has helped supporters of the Canadian truckers re-route their donations to help support the people on the front lines of the protest.

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said yesterday that the Administration approved of Spotify's initial steps of adding warning labels to programs like Joe Rogan's, but she insisted that Spotify and other platforms must "do more" to fight "misinfo

Article Image By James Howard Kunstl

So, it's time to serve notice that the game is over. The nation rejects the phantom president and the cabal behind the Covid-19 hustle, and all the Woke hustles that rode in with it.