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'Oppenheimer,' 'Barbie,' 'Poor Things,' 'Killers of the Flower Moon,' 'Succession,' 'Beef' and 'The Bear' were among the night's big winners.

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The Critical Drinker -

2023 was quite the year in entertainment, full of strikes, flops and giant Japanese lizard monsters. Join me for a whistlestop tour of the year that was.

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In mythology, Hercules is a hero famous for his strength and bravery. A protector. A classic man's man who, back in the day, every little boy would admire and want to emulate. In real life, Hercules was played on television by actor Kevin Sorbo, wh

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Swiss Banker Pascal Najadi Calls on Swiss Authorities to Arrest People Behind the Release of "Bioweapon" COVID-19 Shot in New Documentary (VIDEO)

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