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The End of American Sovereignty?

This past summer, I authored a five part series on the United Nations plan for global dominance through a plan that is most commonly referred to as Agenda 21. Despite the fact that the five part series contained exhaustive references, no doubt, some American citizens remain unconvinced that our country is under assault from the United Nations and their small group of elite global corporate partners. After reading the following account, some American citizens may wish to reconsider their personal and subsequent position on the subject a “New World Order” which desires global governance (i.e., European Union, North American Union).  
Today, on October 10th, the Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments in the case of Medellin v. Texas which will determine if the President of the United States can order the Texas state courts, in a death penalty case, to enact a decision by the United Nation’s International Court of Justice (ICJ). Judicial Independence and more importantly, American Sovereignty are both in dire peril.
The UN court found Texas authorities violated the rights of 51 Mexican citizens arrested for murder by not granting them their rights under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relation. Despite the fact that the Mexican citizens were provided with an attorney, were advised of their legal rights and received a jury trial in accordance with the United States Constitution and the laws of Texas, that does not matter to the United Nations.  
Do Americans really want the United States to be a signatory to a treaty which binds us to a decision in an international court? Presently, there is no statute passed by Congress related to the implementation the Vienna Convention in either state or federal court. Many suspect that the real issue at hand is the U.N.’s opposition to the death penalty. Regardless, this is a straightforward case which reveals the true intent of the United Nations which is to blatantly interfere and establish dominance over the courts of the United States which would effectively destroy American sovereignty.  
The founding fathers were careful to separate the power of government in order to prevent a tyrannical government which might emerge if the power of government was ever centralized into the hands of an elite few. The Medellin case overtly addresses the American system of federalism and separation of powers. The Supreme Court will be forced to decide if the President exceeded his executive branch authority by ordering a state court on how it must rule in a specific case. The issue of whether American sovereignty is immune from United Nations mandates will not likely be argued in front of the Supreme Court. However, Medellin argues that Article II of the Constitution gives the President authority over foreign affairs mean that the President and the Senate, by way of treaty, can require state courts to abide by judicial decisions rendered by an international court.
Is this a case of misguided justice and judicial power run amok? Or are the globalists merely arranging the deck chairs of the Titanic as the American Constitution prepares to sail on her final journey? It does appear that the table is being set to usher in the North American Union despite George W. Bush’s claims that he is merely helping to create a North American ‘Community” and that talk of a North American Union is the merely the rhetoric of “conspiracy theorists”.  
 If the Supreme Court rules against the sovereign status of the Texas State Courts, we will have moved a long way towards United Nations control over the government of the United States.
Then, maybe we, as a country, should take a real close look at Agenda 21.
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Dave Hodges believes that the most endangered species on the planet is the American middle class. His work is dedicated to preserving our uniquely American way of life. He is a University of Denver graduate, 1977, BA, sociology;` and a University of Phoenix graduate, 1996, MC, community mental health counseling. Dave has been a high school, college and university level psychology instructor and curriculum developer for over 25 years. Dave has also coached high school and college basketball for the same amount of time. In addition, he is a nationally certified mental health counselor in which he counseled drug addicted ex-felons attempting to productively transition into society. Dave is the host of the talk show, Common Sense, which airs every Sunday at 3pm on KBSZ 1250AM. The show is live streamed and can be accessed at http://www.kbsz-am.com/streaming-audio/. The show is also archived and podcast at www.thecommonsenseshow.com   

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Comment by William Patriot
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Good point Dave,
Good investigations will disclose American sovereignty has went the way of thr Do Do bird.
The first violation of the Bill of Rights,without opposition opened the door to our demise !
What does it take for the population of this country to realize this fact ?
Look around you,we have no freedoms left which were guranteed,by OUR actions to preserve them, for no one has taken any positive action to do so.
When we have the most advanced world communication system available and use it for trivial matters,instead of the most important factor to human liberty,then we deserve what is in store and that is world Dictatorship by UN armies who are waiting for the right moment for complete control of this planet, scheduled for 2010- 2012 at latest if they have no more set backs.
It's up to each individual to stop this insanity of Bush Inc,
The gnawing question is, will we take positive actions ?