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• arclein

However, alongside this is the dominant and widely accepted economic belief that growth is necessary ?" economic growth. It is needed not only to feed and clothe the poor of the world, but it is necessary for the energy and momentum of societies everywhere. Actually, if one listens to the eulogies of economic growth by politicians in wealthy countries, like my home country Finland, the latter is usually the main argument. Growth is needed, or else unemployment soars, pensions are unpaid, and debts accumulate. It is widely acknowledged that in recent decades and centuries, economic growth has caused environmental problems. The severity of the ecological crisis is debated, some of it even denied, but this is the big picture. However, in recent years there has been a consistent effort to resolve this tension between economic growth and ecological limits with the notion of 'decoupling'. (This should not be confused with the 'decoupling' of global trade and 'friendshoring' t

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