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Bob Iger Insists Disney Stock Drop Not Caused By Failure Of Latest Movie...

• The Babylon Bee

BURBANK, CA — As concerned shareholders sought answers, Disney CEO Bob Iger insisted the company's stock drop was not caused by the failure of the studio's latest movie Gay Black Pinocchio Protests for Palestine.

Despite the film's troubled production and poor word-of-mouth buzz due to an overwhelming majority of the viewing audience not being interested in seeing a film titled Gay Black Pinocchio Protests for Palestine, Disney leaders remained certain that it was not in any way to blame for the precipitous plunge of the company's stock value.

"Don't be ridiculous," said Disney CEO Bob Iger. "The fact that we're hemorrhaging money, customers, and stock value has absolutely nothing to do with any perceived unpopularity of our newest film about a flamboyantly gay, race-swapped Pinocchio standing up for the people of Gaza. This movie appeals to everyone."

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