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May Open Thread and Subscriber Video (2024)

•, by Corbett

Yes, believe it or not, May is already upon us. To celebrate that fact, I'll officially open the May Open Thread for discussion. And this month there is no shortage of world-shaking developments to talk about.

Will the ICC issue an arrest warrant for Netanyahu? (Probably not. After all, will the US allow Netanyahu to be arrested? Nahhhhh, that would be an antisemitic hate crime!)

The 77th World Health Assembly is set to take place in Geneva on May 27th. As you know, this is the meeting where the members of the WHO will almost certainly be asked to rubber stamp whatever proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations are sprung on them and whatever Pandemic Treaty is put on their desks. Are we about to see the culmination of the scamdemic?

And, perhaps most importantly of all, Japan is set to introduce a new series of bank notes this summer.

. . . Oh, OK, maybe that last one isn't so important in the big scheme of things, but it is the launching point for this month's Subscriber Exclusive Video, in which James muses on what banknotes might tell us about the countries that issue them.

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