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THE MOST POWERFUL PRO-TRUMP AD OF THE YEAR! Claremont Institute Chairman Tom...

•, By Jim Hoft

Tom Klingenstein is the Chairman of the Claremont Institute. He is also a philanthropist, public speaker, writer, and playwright.

On April 4, 2024, Tom released an incredible new video, "Trump's Virtues, Part II."

This is the most powerful argument for Donald Trump for President we have seen in years!  It is that good.

Tom Klingenstein also wisely defines in detail the current war we are fighting against 'woke' revolutionaries that kick and spit on America.

And, Klingenstein argues that this is Trump's time, adding, "Lincoln spoke of Americans as the almost chosen people. Trump gives us hope that the God who has never forsaken his almost chosen people will not do so now."

This video was beautifully produced.

It just happened to pop up as an ad on X and it captured my eye… and then my heart.

Here is the transcript – "TRUMP'S VIRTUES, Part II."


Tom Klingenstein: Now that President Trump is the Republican nominee for President in 2024, it's time for Republicans, including those who doubt him or even can't stand him to get behind him. The times demand it. We are in a war fighting an enemy of revolutionaries that kick and spit on America. I call our enemy the Woke regime or the Group quota regime. This war is a contest between those who love America and those who hate it. But we do not have a commander-in-chief. You can't win a war without one. We shouldn't much care whether our commander-in-chief is a real conservative, whether he is a role model for children, or says lots of silly things, or whether he is modest or dignified.

What we should care about is whether he knows we are in a war, knows who the enemy is, and knows how to win.