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NYC construction worker goes viral for saying exactly what he thinks of Biden after...


One of the hundreds of construction workers who turned out to support Donald Trump in New York has captured the heart of the nation with his savage takedown of Joe Biden. 

The unknown worker had been part of the crowds gathered as the former president made a visit to a construction site in Midtown Manhattan on Thursday morning. 

Crowds of construction workers and supporters lined up through the night as they anxiously waited to catch a glimpse of their beloved former president in what is normally Liberal heartland. 

After Trump left the site one construction worker was asked by a Newsmax reporter: 'What's it like seeing so many Republicans in Manhattan, so many Trump supporters in Manhattan. Does that surprise you?'

The man, dressed ready for work, didn't hesitate. 

'No, not at all. It's turning now. It's Trump's turn again.' 

He was then asked for his message to Joe Biden. 

Without missing a beat, he quipped: 'F**k you.' 

He is now being hailed as a hero on social media. 

'This is pretty much the sentiment of all blue collar hard working Americans. Really any American for that matter. Well said sir.'

Another person posted: 'This is the man representing the working class!'

While another commented: 'This man represents the majority of America. Verbatim.' 

Another added: 'I think he speaks for most of us Americans.'

A user added: 'Sounds like the rank and file are not supporting Biden. Bidenomics is bad for workers so of course that makes perfect sense.'