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Selco: If You Want to See the Future SHTF, Look at Haiti

• Organic Prepper - Daisy Luther

It would be a cool thing for all preppers to have some kind of insight into what a real collapse would look like in their case. Like some kind of window where they can look through and see the collapse happening but they are still in safe place. Seeing a future SHTF today.

Only if that could be possible, right?

Well, guess what? It is possible. The SHTF is happening all the time (in real time) somewhere, in some city or country, for one or another reason—sometimes war, other times corruption, or bad weather. We are living in a time where we CAN see that and LEARN from it.

Why do we not see it and learn from it?

Well, for the usual reasons: we do not think it is relevant, we think people there are (somehow) different from us, or even some think people "there" (wherever there is) deserve that.

And my favorite, of course, is "It can not happen here."

I do not want to discuss the reasons above, but I really want to tell you that it is good to learn from other folks' SHTF experiences. It is much better than to wait for your own and be surprised.

Haiti is an example of a future SHTF.

Haiti's situation is a perfect example of how bad things can go in some future SHTF, and to what depth.

It is a textbook example of what a prolonged collapse looks like, how it starts with one event and deteriorates more over a period of time (it can be the opposite, too).