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Brace for Impact: Inflation Rises, Bitcoin ETFs, and the Final Gold Shakeout

• - Peter Schiff

Peter addresses the looming resurgence of inflation. Ironically, on the back of disappointing inflation numbers, gold witnessed a dip below $2000 on Tuesday due to inflation news surpassing expectations.

Markets still place their trust in the Federal Reserve, yet remain oblivious to the reality that the Fed has already lost the inflation war. All indicators point towards an impending surge in inflation, with higher numbers in the trifecta of bad economic data via the CPI, PPI, and Import/Export data.

The US government has shown zero effort to tighten its fiscal belt. Alarmingly, US manufacturing data continues to worsen, and despite reduced US production, we're witnessing exponential spending.

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If we want peace and stability in the world, we need to listen to Ron Paul and shut down the Federal Reserve Bank, letting the Treasury take over our money. Or, we might combine the Private Membership Association (PMA) with a cryptocurrency, and do what the Fed has been doing, but repay borrowers their money at the end of the term of the loan - And to make it really work, set up the crypto so that each transaction is its own PMA, using the crypto hash to identify the PMA in question. Help to avoid Ross Ulbricht and Morhpeus Titania convictions this way.