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Research Exposes Wind Projects Cause Approx. 70% of Animals to Become Displaced

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By B.N. Frank

Numerous issues have been identified with wind turbines installed on land as well as offshore – economic (see 1, 2, 3, 4), environmental (see 1, 2), health, and safety.  In regard to the environment, last month, a court in France ordered the dismantling of a wind farm because of its adverse impact on local birds.  More recently scientists concurred again that wind turbines have a negative effect on wildlife.

From Discover Wildlife:

Blown away: almost 70% of animals displaced from homes by wind-power developments

Most birds and mammals are pushed out of their habitats by wind turbines. Can we make their co-existence more peaceable?

By Stuart Blackman

The transition to renewable energy is central to our efforts to build a low-carbon future. But it is not without its own environmental downsides, as highlighted by a new review showing that the majority of birds and mammals studied to date are displaced from their habitats by wind-power developments.