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Cancer; Disease X; The Next Pandemic Brought to You by Pharma

•, By Helena Glass

When Russia announced bioweapon labs in Ukraine, the left was triggered and snickered away debunking and fact-checking – and fools that they were – are now forced to hide as the Truth was levied – by the US Embassy in Ukraine, by Nuland, by The Pentagon, by NIH.   Bioweapon Labs across Ukraine were vacated, but not before as much evidence as possible could be removed and taken to POLAND.  

Bombing biolabs in Ukraine was problematic given the potential toxicity.   Instead, Russia went inside the labs and accumulated over 20,000 documents which reveal the DNA designer viruses were the yummiest pastry.   Russia was once again vilified as the 'progenitor of truth' in a world wherein Truth is Satanic and Lies are Godly.   Until – the Truth was presented to the UN.   Then the story was quashed.

Rest assured – Disease X will not be released until Trump is inaugurated.   Giving us roughly a year to prepare.  

Social Media has already been infiltrated with Bots claiming Disease X is alive in China and has already been identified!   Deflection.  False Propaganda.  The UK has already declared that their scientists can develop a vaccine for Disease X in 100 days – just like the CoVid Jabberwhacky that has killed and mutilated lives across the globe.   The vast majority of Vax mutilations and death occurred in Western Nations given The People were much more pliable than in Africa which had a 12% vax rate.