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Wildlife Affected by Radio Tracking Devices; Weakened Immune Systems, Deadly Sarcomas,...

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By B.N. Frank

Birds everywhere seem to be struggling to thrive as well as survive.  Research has determined that exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) could be playing a role in this (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) including from radio transmitters that have been attached to them.  Of course, some scientists have expressed concerns about attaching radio tracking devices to ALL animals.

From Environmental Health Trust:

Radio-tracking systems emit pulsed waves that could affect the health and alter the orientation of animals

A new article on wireless and wildlife highlights concerns about radiotracking systems and impacts to animal health. Radiotracking systems expose animals to radiofrequency radiation, a type of ionizing electromagnetic field. The article summarizes the science on wildlife impacts and documents how:

prolonged exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields has been found to weaken the immune systems of animals by altering various biological processes (Chou et al., 1992Novoselova and Fesenko, 1998Szmigielski, 2013). In addition, Levitt et al. (2022a) reported that deadly sarcomas were observed in the tissue around RFID chips imbedded in rodents and dogs (Albrecht, 2010), and severe metabolic changes were also observed in some animals implanted with RFID chips (Paik et al., 2016). Other recent studies have confirmed that mobile phone radiofrequency radiation can cause DNA damage and consequent carcinogenesis (Falcioni et al., 2018Smith-Roe et al., 2020).