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Attention Military-Industrial Complex: Gen-Zers Don't Want To Fight Your Endless Wars

•, by Tyler Durden

Besides war, he said, "We [Gen-Z] have things to do nowadays, like work and be bisexual." 

Another young TikToker revealed he is headed for the hills when a draft occurs.

And another Gen-Zer interrupted boomer Hillary Clinton during a speech at Columbia University. He called on Clinton to make a statement about President Biden's recent "warmongering speech" as a regional conflict in the Middle East could spark World War 3

Observing Gen-Z's reactions to the risk of being drafted, many of them supported Democrats. The Biden administration is currently managing two conflicts: One in Ukraine and the other involving Israel and Hamas. 

Corporate progressive media and woke universities have brainwashed this hopeless generation into believing Democrats are the 'party of love' - but it's far from that. 

Just remember, Gen-Z, The US Army recently changed its gender policies... 

As for the Military-Industrial Complex, good luck rounding up Gen-Zers for a draft. Many are no longer willing to fight your endless wars. It seems the propaganda isn't working anymore. 

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Comment by PureTrust
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That's why DARPA is making AI robots that can fight. They won't need people to do their fighting. And those few who DO join, will get safe jobs directing the AI robots. The real question is, once this system is perfected, who might suddenly become the enemy?