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Prequel to the Draft?

•, By eric

By which is meant the involuntary servitude system, despite the latter having supposedly been made constitutionally unlawful after the federal government forced the Southern states to accept being governed without their consent.

The federal government specializes in such etymological jujitsu – which is to say, mind-fucking.

It is not enough that the Southern states that attempted to depart from a "union" they no longer wished to be bound to were forced back into the "union," after a bloody war of subjugation. The war of subjugation was styled a "civil war," implying the Southern states sought to deny the people of the Northern states their right to be governed by the federal government they'd consented to be governed by. The framing the people of the South as "insurrectionists" and "rebels" is exactly what King George III styled the American colonists who successfully seceded from Great Britain four-score and seven years prior.

Never mind that.

Similarly this business of involuntary servitude being putatively illegal. What then is this business of the "draft" – as the dragooning of young men (and now, young women) into "service"? Are they free to say no to such service? If they are not, then is it not involuntary servitude?

What else would you call it?