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The Lord is my strength and shield - An interview with Mikki WIllis

•, RefugeOfSinners

He is best known for directing the "Plandemic" film trilogy.

In this episode, we discuss the following:

- Mikki tells us about his upbringing, the death of his brother from AZT and the subsequent death of his mother. He believes both deaths were hastened by harmful medical treatments.

- Mikki also gives us some insight in to what it was like working as an actor in Hollywood.

- In 2008, Mikki had an "out of body" experience, which he describes as "a profound experience with the presence of Christ".

- In 2016, Mikki was documenting the Bernie Sanders campaign and touring with his team.
He says that was the year of his political awakening and he tells us what he saw on this tour.

- He asked those on the tour, what is the difference between socialism and democratic socialism?


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Comment by PureTrust
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Do you really want the strength and shield of the Lord? God is love. He sends His rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. The unrighteous can use His earth just like the righteous. When Moses did his miracles in Egypt at the time of the Exodus, the first several of the miracles were also done by the Egyptian magicians. But at a certain point, they didn't have the power or strength to do the rest of the Moses-miracles. Same thing today. The doing of science and political miracles has been given by the Holy Spirit to anybody who wants to pick them up and do them. Those God believers who do the miracles of science, etc., will be able to beat out those scientists who don't have God. Same with politics. But get into the Bible daily to instill the faith of God in yourselves so that you actually have he strength of God working with you.