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"This Is Spreading Like A Cancer!" | Anti-ULEZ Vigilante Justifies Camera Destruction

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London has become the world's largest pollution charging area after the ultra-low emission zone was expanded to include the whole of the capital.

Captain Gatso of the anti-ULEZ group The Blade Runners defends their destruction of cameras across London as justified as "the only person feeling the long arm of the law is the motorist."

"When you're under attack, you have to take defensive offensive action."

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Britts simply do not realize that the wording in their laws that is against men and women motorists, is actually against the drivers license. If they took it to court at King's Bench (formerly Queens Bench), as a man/woman, and required that the law be provided which accused them - and also required things like the real plaintiff get on the stand under oath to show the damage to him (it), and have a witness to the damage, all non-injury complaints would be cancelled faster than immediately.