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RFK Jr. says he's not anti-vaccine. His record shows the opposite. It's one of many inconsis


Yet, he insists he's not anti-vaccine. He has associated with influential people on the far right – including Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn – to raise his profile. Yet, he portrays himself as a true Democrat inheriting the mantle of the Kennedy family.

As he challenges President Joe Biden, the stories he tells on the campaign trail about himself, his life's work and what he stands for are often the opposite of what his record actually shows.

Though Kennedy's primary challenge to a sitting president is widely considered a long-shot, he's been sucking up media attention due to his famous name and the possibility that his run could weaken Biden ahead of what is expected to be a close general election in 2024. He's drawn praise from Republican presidential candidates like Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Meanwhile, Trump supporters, including his longtime ally Roger Stone, have ginned up interest by floating a Trump-Kennedy unity ticket.

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There is a difference between being anti-vaccine, and anti-unsafe-vaccine. You could fill in the word 'vaccine' with almost anything. If it isn't safe, why would anybody want to use it? All that RFK is doing is showing that he hasn't been able to get the required-by-law safety studies for vaccines from the CDC and government. And he's been working on this for more than a year. If the CDC or the government have the safety studies, why won't they give them to anybody who asked? It would be in their best interest to do this simple thing. If they DON'T have the studies, then all vaccines that don't have safety studies should be considered unsafe, and not safely usable. The question is between safe and unsafe vaccines.

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