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Woke Miller Lite Ad Campaign Resurfaces, Shows Brand Trashing Traditional Base

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Beer drinkers and many others have expressed disappointment and frustration over what they perceive as the beer brand's betrayal of its traditional base in an apparent embrace of a "woke" agenda.

The campaign, titled "Bad $#!T to Good $#!T," claims to address the beer industry's past "objectification" of women in advertising but has faced significant backlash for its forced inclusion efforts.

Detractors have pointed out that the campaign undermines the essence of the brand by emphasizing gender and promoting an agenda of "political correctness."

Traditional beer consumers may feel alienated by Miller Lite's apparent abandonment of its core values in favor of virtue signaling.

The campaign video jokingly explains Coors will convert old "sexist" beer advertisements into fertilizer (old sh*t) for hops to be used exclusively by female brewers. Many, however, feel this approach prioritizes gender over quality, asserting that brewers should be chosen based on their skills and experience rather than their gender.

The video was also paired with a press release detailing the same woke agenda. Furthermore, it perpetuates the idea that women need special treatment and cannot succeed on their own merit. However, women in the brewing industry should be celebrated for their talent and achievements, rather than being portrayed as victims in need of assistance.


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