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SUNDAY UPDATE: Keanu Reeves, Age 58, Having Biggest Box Office Hit in 20 Years -

• by Roger Friedman

SUNDAY MORNING: $73.5 MILLION for "John Wick 4." It's Keanu's biggest hit since the 2003 "Matrix" movies, bigger than the last three "John Wick" movies by far. It's an enormous success for the soft spoken, off the radar, polite, self-effacing Reeves. Congrats to him!

SATURDAY: This is really Keanu Reeves's Excellent Adventure.

His "John Wick 4" is headed to an opening weekend of $71 million plus. That's his biggest hit since 2003's "Matrix" movies.

Keanu is 58 years old, although we think of him as eternally youthful from all his early movies, and the fact that he looks a lot younger than his age.