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IPFS News Link • WTF?


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This is one of the reasons why we need blockchain Private Membership Associations (PMA). With the blockchain, we can have many PMAs that are all similar, rather than having a single PMA with many members. The difference in each PMA would be shown by its hash if nothing else in the wording. In fact, the general wording could be set up on a website (or many different websites; or on IPFS) as reference for the general terms of the PMA. Differences could be added to the individual blockchain version for each of the PMA 'contracts'. The reason for this is to make PMA contracting easy, while at the same time maintaining a different PMA for every two people involved. This Amish farm would have many separate PMAs without holding every member under the same PMA. It would split things up, making each of the PMA into a different fight for the government agents. Wisconsin farm PMAs ado it differently. They make their members part owner of the farm.

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