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Shock Swiss Study Shows All COVID Vaccine Recipients Have Some Heart Damage


Professor Christian Müller, MD is one of the most highly respected cardiology researchers worldwide and has published hundreds of clinical papers on heart disease and injury.

In the latest study just published, Dr. Müller found that out of 777 patients who received the first booster shot (the third shot in COVID shot rollercoaster, for those keeping track), all 777 had early markers of heart damage in their bloodstream three days after being boosted. You'd think the CDC here in America would look at data like that and consider it a safety signal of some type.

Müller's team at University Hospital Basel in Switzerland tracked troponin levels in booster mRNA shot recipients three days after receiving the shot. 777 people completed the trial.

Troponin is a protein that only exists in heart muscle. If a blood sample is tested and troponin is found in the bloodstream, it means only one thing: your heart muscle was damaged somehow and is leaking troponin into the blood. As heart damage worsens, higher levels of troponin end up in the bloodstream. Troponin doesn't exist naturally in the bloodstream. Period. If it shows up there, it means you have sustained some type of heart damage.