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Biden Admin-commissioned report concludes Pfizer & Moderna mRNA shots cause myocarditis

•, By Jordan Schachtel

The report, titled 'Evidence Review of the Adverse Effects of Covid-19 Vaccination and Intramuscular Vaccine Administration (2024)', marks the first time that a government-commissioned report has acknowledged the direct association between Pfizer and Moderna's mRNA injections and myocarditis.

While this might not be groundbreaking news to those who have long challenged the extensive "safety and efficacy" claims brought forward by proponents of the mRNA covid injections, it's particularly interesting because the report was sanctioned by the Health Resources and Services Administration, which falls under the umbrella of the US Department of Health and Human Services ("HHS").

The 314-page report concluded that there was insufficient evidence to demonstrate a causal relationship – a direct cause and effect – for a variety of potential harms but did conclude that there is a direct causal link between the mRNA injections and myocarditis.

Nonetheless, in February of this year, the CDC's vaccine review panel authorised the ninth mRNA dose for loyal "Followers of the Science."

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Neither Pfizer nor Moderna have ever claimed to resolve the myocarditis issue with their injections. Nonetheless, government regulatory bodies continue to rubber-stamp approval for the latest "booster" injections from Pfizer and Moderna, despite the increasing risk of acquiring myocarditis with every additional shot.