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Families shocked when battery replacement for electric vehicle tops $20,000

• by Pat Foran

Lau's electric SUV came with a warranty for the battery that covers 160,000 km, or eight years, whichever comes first.

The family said this year their vehicle clocked in more than 170,000 kilometres, which put them outside the warranty period when the battery failed.

When the vehicle wouldn't work, Lau took it to her local dealership and was told it needed a battery replacement. With the new battery, labour and taxes, she said it would cost about $23,000.

Even though the vehicle was outside the warranty period, KIA agreed to pay for half the cost of a replacement battery.

"They won't fully cover the cost. They say the best they can do is half and half – I pay 50 per cent and they pay 50 per cent," said Lau.