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How to Survive an RV Tire Blowout

•, By Mike Wendland

Many RVers share a common fear: an RV tire blowout. We've all heard the horror stories of RVers losing control of their RV when a tire blows. We've seen the scary images of flipped RVs and shredded motorhomes. 

But you shouldn't be scared. You should just be prepared and know what to do if your tire blows while driving. 

We're going to walk you through what to do in the moment, and how to prevent it in the first place. IMPORTANT: what you should do is counterintuitive. So, please read!

A Must-Watch Safety Video

This video was made by Michelin North America and The Nevada Automotive Test Center. By the looks of it, they made it in the early 1990s, but the information and SCIENCE behind it still stand.


This video teaches you the principles behind a blowout and how you should react accordingly. You'll learn that rapidly losing tire pressure DOES NOT automatically mean losing control

How to Handle a Tire Blowout in Your RV

As the man in the video says, we are not here to offer you a guarantee. There is no foolproof way to maintain control in every circumstance. 

However, we are going to share "simple ways of maintaining control of a vehicle by using established physical principles that have proven effective over the years if used quickly and properly." 

So, while we can't guarantee it, the following techniques will give you the best chance to maintain control of your RV if a tire blows. Allstate recommends the same techniques as the above video and the following steps.