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15 Tips for Properly Storing a Camper or RV

•, Mike Wendland

If you're not sure how to properly store your camper or RV, don't worry. We have put together a list of tips that will help keep your vehicle in good condition all winter long.

You're going to have plenty to do, so let's jump right in!

Storing a Camper or RV? (15 Tips for RV Owners)

The following are 15 excellent tips for storing your RV. Let this be a checklist for you to prevent any unwanted surprises when you return to your RV.

1. Check Your Owner's Manual

Jennifer and I always say this: your owner's manual is your best friend!

Check your owner's manual for specific storing instructions from the manufacturer. Some RVs require special preparation before being put into storage.

2. Check Your RV Insurance Policy

Some RV insurance companies only cover your RV in storage if it's stored in certain types of storage facilities. Some may require an indoor storage space, while others will cover outdoor storage.

Also, double-check to see that your insurance covers personal belongings inside. Not all do, and break-ins are more likely with stored RVs.

Keep in mind that a self-storage facility usually does not cover break-ins. (Yes, even if they are secured).

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