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URGENT!!! Help Keep Next News Alive!

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Last night, we received disappointing news: YouTube has rejected our application for the fifth time. This repeated setback underscores the urgent need for our immediate response and continued persistence. At Next News Network, under the steadfast leadership of Gary and Angie Franchi, we've always stood for the principles of free speech and truthful reporting—values that are now under significant threat.

Today, we appeal to you not just for support, but to join us in a crucial movement to keep our platform alive. Your contribution at this pivotal time is vital—it's not merely a donation but a declaration of resistance against the suppression of independent voices and a commitment to sustain a community that believes in the power of free and accessible information.

This is a call to rally together, to empower our mission to deliver uncompromised narratives, and to ensure the continuity of a network that values and upholds truth. Your support is the key to overcoming these challenges. Let's stand united to preserve and protect the future of independent journalism at Next News Network, ensuring it remains a pillar of truth and a beacon of hope in our society.




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