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The Absurdity of the World and the Meaning of Life. Albert Camus Camus's revolt against injusti

• arclein
A quarter of a century later, after a "life lived" and in the midst of dark times (Brecht), he wants to encourage people to reread Camus' dramas, novels and philosophical essays: On the one hand, they offer orientation and support in the individual coping with the absurd world; on he other hand ?" and this is just as important as one's own "survival" ?" they signify training in the spirit of revolt, that attitude of mind that wants to realise justice already on this earth, and not only in heaven. It is painful to experience that fellow human beings can only be won over to this with great difficulty. Despite all the absurdity of the course of the world and the demonic nature of human history, Camus' gloomy descriptions are outshone by a great love for the world and for fellow human beings. Thus his last message (handed down in writing) is: "Give if you can. And not hate, if that is possible." (1)