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British father who was booted out of Singapore for not wearing a mask reveals he was --


Benjamin Glynn, 40, was convicted on August 18 for not wearing a mask

The father of two was allegedly dragged out of his home and beaten by police 

He said he was hit with batons and subsequently held in a concrete cell for days 

Glynn was also forced to spend two weeks in a mental institution  

He was deported after his conviction and was hauled to the airport in shackles 

A British ex-pat jailed in Singapore for refusing to wear a face mask says he was beaten by police, dragged out of his home and forced to spend weeks in a mental institution before being deported.  

Benjamin Glynn, 40, a father of two originally from Helmsley, Yorkshire - was found guilty on four charges over his failure to wear a mask on a train in May and at a subsequent court appearance in July.

He was convicted on Wednesday 18 August and sentenced to six weeks in jail for the offence, but was instead deported because he had already spent weeks in custody.

'I've been treated in my opinion like some sort of terrorist and as a criminal,' said Glynn, but declared 'I would do it all again, I don't regret anything,' despite his harrowing treatment at the hands of Singaporean authorities.