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Parents Are Selling Explicit Content Featuring Their Own Kids


Psychologist and therapist Dr. Leslie Dobson recently posted a video on social media describing how pedophiles get their child sexual abuse material (CSAM), having worked with them for 20 years.

According to her and the Wall Street Journal, you can subscribe to "parent-managed minor accounts" on Facebook and Instagram.

No, you're not reading it wrong.

There are parents out there willingly selling material featuring their own children and making them interact with pedos online. The Wall Street Journal's article did note that the material sold did not technically violate prohibitions on nudity and worse things, but that is a distinction without difference.

It's still CSAM even if it does not contain explicitly sexual content, because as noted, the parents knew who they were selling this to and making their kids interact with the buyers.

And just to make it worse, social media algorithms allow people to find these accounts more easily. In fact, a previous report from the WSJ in June showed just how easily the algorithms were letting these monsters buy and sell their content even as Meta tried to crack down on them.

So what did Meta (the company that owns Facebook and Instagram) do about the "parent-run minor accounts?"

Rather than ban the accounts or do something sensible, they "instead chose to build an automated system to prevent suspected pedophiles from being given the option to subscribe to parent-run accounts. The technology didn't always work, and the subscription ban could be evaded by setting up a new account," as the article noted.