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Sick: Students Suck Adult Toes For Fundraising Event, Video Shows

•, by Jamie White

Deer Creek High School students were shown laying on the floor licking and sucking on people's toes for a fundraiser for Not Your Average Joe Coffee, which employs people with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities.

"It was surprising," an anonymous student told Fox 25. "I didn't think they were going to do all that. I was just shocked. I didn't really have like a feeling. I was kind of disgusted, and then kind of glad I wasn't over there."

From Fox 25:

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The district said that on Thursday, Deer Creek High School hosted an assembly called Clash of Classes for students to pay to attend.

Students in 9th through 12th grades volunteered to participate in different class competitions, according to the district.

Deer Creek Schools noted that every student who participated signed up for the games ahead of time and that no Deer Creek faculty or staff participated during the assembly.

The district also said students were paired up with corresponding grade levels for the competition where students were seen in the video licking toes.

One parent was shocked to hear what had happened at the fundraiser.

"Whenever she told me yesterday that was happening, I had to ask her, 'Wait, what? They're licking peanut butter off of toes," an anonymous parent said. "What?"