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Study Finds Dems Will Get Vaccinated for $100, Republicans Can Be Bribed with Freedom Incentive


According to the survey conducted last month which looked at ways to persuade people into getting the experimental mRNA injections, incentivizing people with a cash reward for compliance actually works.

More on the experiment from the New York Times:

Last month, researchers randomly assigned unvaccinated respondents to see messages about financial incentives. Some people were asked about the chances they would get a vaccine if it came with a $25 cash payment; other people were asked about receiving $50 or $100.

Roughly a third of the unvaccinated population said a cash payment would make them more likely to get a shot. The benefits were largest for those in the group getting $100, which increased willingness (34 percent said they would get vaccinated) by six points over the $25 group.

Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, Democrats were most likely to be convinced to take the vaccine with a cash incentive.