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IBM Partners With Moderna for COVID Reset

• - Dr Mercola

Please understand, though, that this technocracy blockchain implementation is centralized, which is the primary problem as it is under the government's control. This is in radical contrast to decentralized crypto assets like bitcoin, which I believe actually offers a solution to the impending tyranny and seizure of our finances.

Health Passports Are Here

Since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that "health passports" would be implemented, and in recent months the reality of what we're facing is getting clearer. Make no mistake: The voluntary "health passes" now being rolled out are just the tip of the iceberg.

Before long, they will become mandatory, at which point unvaccinated individuals will be effectively excluded from society. This is the slippery slope I've warned about that will create two separate classes of citizens: those with approved and verified health status, and the "untouchables."  

Not only will these passes — once mandatory — restrict your ability to move about and engage in social activities if you're unvaccinated, but you will also face financial penalties. Even your ability to obtain employment will ultimately be based on your medical decisions.1

Evidence of this can be found in IBM Watson Health's announcement that IBM's Digital Health Pass will be integrated into Salesforce's "to help businesses, schools and governments verify vaccine and health status."2

In short, we will soon find ourselves in an iatrarchy, meaning we're governed by physicians' decisions (although the ruling agency is more likely to be Bill Gates than a qualified medical expert), and if you refuse, you're penalized. Other descriptive terms include medical technofascism and medical technocracy.

Regardless of how you describe it, the fact is you will no longer have the right of self-determination. You will no longer have the right to decide what medical risk-taking you're willing to submit to, and which you'd rather do without. Your body and your health will no longer be yours to preside over.