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Timcast IRL - SCOTUS DENIES GOP Lawsuit Over Mail in Voting, Is THIS The End??

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Comment by PureTrust
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This is a really good thing. It shows that Trump, his team, and many other Republicans are trying to do this the out-in-the-open, honorable way. There are reasons why SCOTUS wouldn't rule on this. But mostly it was the way that it was worded. Wording that focused on the illegal and dishonest activities that were used with mail-in voting might have gotten a better response. HOWEVER, when Trump is blocked in every direct, legal recourse, to maintain his oath of office, he will have to go the military route - limited martial law. Such will give us a far better clean-up of the corruption, even though it might agonize the people. The people can blame the courts for not allowing Trump to do it the easy, comfortable way, with court cases against him coming after he gets things cleaned up militarily.