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The Conscious Resistance Deleted from YouTube

• Derrick Broze - The Conscious Resistance


I will get right to the point - The Conscious Resistance Network has finally been deleted from YouTube. After 8 years of building the channel, more than 2,000 videos, 5.2 million views, and 64 thousands subscribers we are no longer on YouTube. Of course, I have long anticipated this was coming and have been promoting alternative social media platforms since 2015. Unfortunately, despite me and many other creators warning this would happen we are definitely losing most of our audience. This means YOU sharing my content is going to be more important than ever when it comes to reaching new people at this important time.

If you are getting this newsletter you are on the right track. I also want to invite you to join my text list, my Telegram channel, follow on Minds, Flote, Bitchute, LBRY, and Hive. (And if you want to support my work financially, you can do that here or here!) By doing so you will not miss ANYTHING I share or create. Thanks for making the effort. 

Dark Winter, Second Wave, & Election 2020 - Speaking of the potential for unrest... I want to invite you to read my latest article (or watch the video) about the looming chaos related to the Presidential Election, The Second Wave of COVID19, and a Dark Winter on the horizon. This is one of the most important recent articles I have written and I highly recommend you make the time to digest it, consider the implications, and make appropriate preparations. 

I will be releasing a brand new mini-documentary on Dark Winter this week, please stay tuned and share it everywhere you can! 

Till Next Time,

Remember, You Are Power, You Are Beautiful, You Are Free! 

- Derrick Broze
Founder, The Conscious Resistance Network
Freelance Investigative Journalist

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Comment by James Harrison
Entered on:

It appears that the facebook page is back up for this group.

Comment by James Harrison
Entered on:

It appears that the facebook page is back up for this group.