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Got pulled over? There's an app for that!

• Yahoo News

Here's how it works: You can download PulledOver in the Google Play Store, and you don't have to sign in or create an account to use the app. Simply add an emergency contact, and that's it.

"The last thing you want to be worrying about is how an app works when you get pulled over," he said.

If you get pulled over, you launch the app, which will take you to your phone's native camera app. Press record, then when you're done, you'll be automatically taken back to the PulledOver app and given the option to notify your emergency contact, or share it to social media.

You can also share the footage with others who use the PulledOver app, a feature that Agrawal said he hasn't seen yet.

"It's almost like a community where you can share videos — you can see how other people are being treated," he said.

Agrawal said another intended purpose for the app is to elevate the "many good police officers as well."