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Not The Onion: $275 Billion Tesla Shutting Down Fremont For "Upgrades", Including Another

•, Tyler Durden

At least, that's the PR line-du jour that was handed to the pro-Tesla lot over at electrek, who broke the news on Wednesday morning. And what better way to improve things in Fremont - especially now that your company is bordering on a $275 billion market cap - than adding another tent?

Electrek writes that the "plans included a new tent-like structure for a new assembly line":

"Now we are told that Tesla plans to do something similar for Model Y and deploy some production capacity under a sprung structure to go in operation when they can reopen the plant."

"The strategy follows Tesla's famous GA4 assembly line built under a tent-like structure in 2018," they reported. Famous? Not quite the word we would use. Infamous, perhaps. 

The piece then goes on to defend the idea of building another tent: "At the time, Tesla received a lot of criticism for the unusual approach, but the new general assembly capacity helped Tesla increase Model 3 production to 5,000 units per week and accelerate Tesla's growth."