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Should a Coronavirus Cure Depend on Diversity and Inclusiveness?

•, By Walter E. Block

We all want either a vaccine or a cure for the coronavirus, both preferably, and the sooner the better. In this I think I speak for all of humanity. Only a few misanthropes can be exceptions.

But what kind of person, pray tell, is likely to bless us with a discovery along these lines? Will it be a black woman? Not likely. How about an aboriginal? Don't bet the farm on it. How about an African American man? Not very probable. What about a white woman? Doubtful. Might it be an Oriental scientist? Conceivable but dubious.

A very attractive porn star who tested positive for the Covid-19 recently announced that she would sleep with the scientist who solved the puzzle of this dread disease. However if she carries through with her promise, she will almost certainly offer to end up in bed with a white male, at least upon this one occasion, if she keeps her promise.

That is, with a toxic straight white male, the demographic of which is responsible for all the worlds' ills. This ranges from imperialism, to slavery, to exploitation, to price gouging, to profiteering, to harassing women, etc. White men are the poisonous scourge of humanity, in the view of all too many.