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Mom Discovers Facebook Ad Claiming Her Entire Family Died From Coronavirus

• by Tim Brown

They are also a part of what is now the mainstream media in attempts to silence dissenting voices, especially when it comes to telling the truth about coronavirus and COVID-19, as well as vaccines.  They continually send out their self-appointed, paid "fact checkers," who often don't even read the articles they are claiming are fake in order to stifle distribution of truthful, accurate reports.  Now, they've been busted putting out ads with a family photo claiming the entire family died from coronavirus, and then the mom discovered what Facebook did.

Here's the report from WRDW, a CBS affiliate:

LOS ANGELES (KCAL/KCBS/CNN) – A Facebook ad for a company selling face masks claimed all but one member of a Los Angeles family died from COVID-19, but the story, which used a real family's photos, isn't true.

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