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Facebook Removes Church Service Announcement for 'Promoting a Crime'


He posted a notice on Facebook announcing the fact.

Facebook removed the post, accusing the church of "promoting a crime."The pastor responded with this explanation:
It seems like every single day the government is giving us new mandates and suggestions from 100 people gathering to 50 people gathering to 10 people gathering and it's all about social distancing. You know, sometimes pastors have some very difficult decisions to make on behalf of their sheep and their church. Our church is going to respond in a way that I realize many people are going to be critical of. We have to do what we feel is in the greater context and demographic of our local church..

A lot of churches are closing up their doors during the coronavirus scare. And I get it. It's a difficult decision. We're online, they're online, a lot of people are watching as livestreams are growing in abundance and I'm grateful for that outreach in the kingdom.