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Elon Musk TORCHES Brazil's Lula and Justice Moraes,...

• The Gateway Pundit

Brazil's conservatives and freedom lovers are in a state of bliss watching billionaire Elon Musk stare down their very own Supreme Court Justice-turned tyrant Alexandre de Moraes, using the unvarnished truth to demolish his reputation, and subjecting the justice to a barrage of ridicule that he so deserves.

The story is very simple: not only is Moraes demanding that X suspend the accounts of prominent conservatives, against Brazilian law, and under the penalty of heavy daily fines, but he also 'forbids' the company from even mentioning the reason for their suspension – X would have to pretend they were struck because they broke the platform terms of use – which they have not.

Musk: "We kept getting these demands from Judge Alexandre to suspend accounts of sitting members of the parliament and major journalists. We could not tell them that this was at the behest of Alexandre, we had to pretend that it was due to our rules. And that was the last straw, and we said no."